Rock Your Time With God

A comprehensive online course aimed at helping you turn your boring, not-happening, and distracted time with God into opportunities for amazing God encounters with incredible worship and powerful prayers

Are you tired of doing your best to prioritise time with God only to never get to it?

Do you long to have a relationship with God as deep, profound, and meaningful as the people you look up to and admire?

Are you looking for ways to make your quiet times fun, exciting, and full of God's presence?

As a mom of three children and a wife, I've wanted these same things. For years, I struggled with comparison, inadequacy and lack of time. Those times when I did get to read my Bible felt rushed and ineffective. I became envious of other people's relatinships with God. I wanted what I saw in them. But, how could I get there when I had little people to care for and a hubby to cherish? 

The answer came in finding how I love to spend time with God and what worked for me. I couldn't copy and paste someone else's method. I had to find my own. The results were incredible.

I went from dull and boring quiet times, to adventurous, profound, rewarding and full of God's presence. I began to partner with God and found myself having a more effective prayer life beautifully integrated with what He was doing in the spiritual. My spiritual growth soared and I began to grow and mature phenomenally. 

I want to teach you how I went from dull, boring, non-existing devotional times to amazing moments with God. So, I created this course to empower you and free you to be yourself every time you engage with the Lord.

I know that God wants to take your walk with him to a deeper level. He has much to show you and share with you. 

What do you say? Are you in?

As a special launch I am giving a:

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7 Lessons to Transform your Time with God

Lesson 1

Find your zone and get comfortable as you prepare to spend time with God

Lesson 2

Over come Bible block (similar to writer's block) and find your style.

Lesson 3

Kick distractions to the curb. Become single-mindedly focused on God during your quiet time

Lesson 4

Learn to linger in God's presence

Lesson 5

Time with God is a spiritual discipline.

Lesson 6

Identify your prayer watch and incorporate it into your quiet times with God

Lesson 7

Start your day at night and reap the benefits every morning.

Who is this course for?

 This course is for:

  • Anyone wanting to improve their time with God.
  • Anyone struggling with distractions and lack of motivation
  • Anyone who wants to be free to have their unique style in their moments with God
  • Moms and wives who are torn between their family duties and desire to spend more time with God.


What are the benefits?

 Rock Your Time With God is a course that will help set you free from preconceived ideas and comparisons trying to define your walk with God. In this course, you will learn how to find your style, the best place for you to have a quiet time, and what you need to do to overcome those distractions.

You will also learn how God uses distractions to draw you closer to his heart as he leads you in prayer and more. 

This course will also show you that your time with God can be more expressive and creative than merely sitting on a chair to read your Bible (as great as that is). 

You will explore the prayer watches to find out which one God has assigned you to and how you can focus your times with God to be during those natural moments. 

Finally, you will find out how starting your day on the right note will help you live in more peace than you may have realized. 

Kick distractions to the curb. Say goodbye to boring devotionals. Your walk with God is about to become unique to who you are and your relationship with God. 


What is the cost?

Rock Your Time With God is an excellent course going for $30 BUT is currently on a 50% discount special

Register for the course before 15 September 2017 to get this comprehensive course for a fantastic $15.


What is included in the price

Included in your price are the following:

  • Full access to the course presentations and videos
  • Worksheets
  • Resource Lists
  • Scripture Cards
  • Color meaning sheet
  • Everything you will need to transform your quiet time with God.


50% Discount - $15 Limited Time Only


Nicole Mann Watt

One of the aspects I love most about Ailie's prophetic ministry is her focus, first and foremost, on our relationship with God.

Cathy McIntosh

Strengthened by the Word Ministries

Ailie Baumann has a God-given ability to support God’s women through her ministry.  I’ve personally received timely wisdom, prophetic truth, Biblical counsel, and the expression of the Lord’s bountiful favor. Ailie strives to honor the Lord and encourages each of us to walk humbly with our God to fulfill His purpose for our lives. 

Claudia Koetzen

Transformational Life Coach

Thought-provoking and pushing boundaries, I love how Ailie shares empathically and challengingly all at once.

Meet your speaker

Ailie Baumann is the creator of Living Fiercely Loved and is passionate about helping people, like you, experience the depths of God's love (for you) and live in the everyday reality that God is invested in every detail of your life.

Ailie has walked with God intimately since she was six years old and has a unique way of hearing from God, understanding his heart, and bringing profound truths in simple yet practical ways.

Having encountered wave upon wave of God's love, presence and heart, Ailie lives with a deep conviction that anyone can hear, experience, and know God's heart more than they thought possible.

A trusted voice in her church community, gifted in the prophetic, a prophetic intercessor, and passionate about teaching, Ailie takes you on a journey of discovering who you are, how God sees you, and how you can live in the freedom of you.

She is a cherished wife, mom of three boys, freelance writer, aspiring author and public speaker, Christian coach, and lover of all things art and beauty. Ailie's favorite snack is olives; and, chocolate is a weakness (but, hey, we all have them right) ;-)